A5 Gloss Coated Landscape Booklets
A5 Gloss Coated Landscape Booklets

A5 Gloss Coated Landscape Booklets

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A little smaller than their A4 counterparts, the A5 landscape booklet works well as a compact guide or instruction manual but is also brilliant for advertising purposes.

The landscape shape is ideal for showing off expansive pictures of your products or services, and the glossy finish is sure to make a lasting impression of a professional and efficient business.

Design Specification
Colour Mode CMYK
Colour Profile ISO Coated v 2
Design Size Spreads: (426 x 154)mm, Single Pages: (213 x 154)mm
File Format PDF/X-1A:2001, JPG, TIFF, PNG
Resolution 300dpi
Print Specification
Finish Gloss Coated
Finish Size (210 x 148)mm
Paper Weight 130gsm
Print Technology Digital Lasegraphy / Offest Litography
Printer Marks No printer marks required

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